Waste challenges of the fashion industry- Fibre2Fashion

The global fashion and textile industries face mounting waste challenges, textile waste contributes significantly to landfills and pollution. Initiatives in regions like the US, EU, Australia focus on circularity, but challenges persist. Policy shifts and innovation are essential to address the escalating environmental impact of textile waste.

Amidst the growing global focus on sustainability, countries worldwide are prioritising policies to curb the volume of waste destined for landfills, which poses significant environmental threats. Rapid changes in lifestyles and technological advancements have led to a lack of effective waste disposal methods, exacerbating the challenge, particularly in the textile and fashion industry—a sector known for its dynamism but also for its substantial waste generation and environmental impact.

A notable disparity exists between producer and consumer countries regarding policies and innovations aimed at addressing textile and fashion waste. Nevertheless, it’s essential to recognise the collective efforts undertaken by the global textile industry to confront this pressing issue.


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