Material Sorting & Preprocessing and Recycling EXPERIMENTS

Call for submissions of recyclers’ specifications for Refashion Material Sorting & Preprocessing and Recycling Experiments

As part of its 2023-2028 accreditation, Refashion regularly launches Material Sorting & Preprocessing and Recycling Experiments campaigns to accelerate the development and further deploy post-consumer non-reusable textile and/or footwear sorting, preprocessing and recycling solutions in answer to recycler’s specifications.  These experiments will contribute to prioritise the recycling processes to be industrialised in France and Europe.

The overall scope of the 2024 Material Preparation & Recycling Experiments covers:

  • For the sorting operators and preprocessors: sorting for recycling, material preparation, quality control and shipment of the material in response to a recycler’s specification;
  • For the recycler: at least, quality control of the material received and, if applicable, recycling testing and/or incorporation of recycled material into a finished or semi-finished product.

For this purpose, Refashion is calling the Refashion Recycle network for proposing material sorting & preprocessing specifications (based on post-consumer non-reusable textiles and/or footwear) which will be shared with sorting operators & material preprocessors registered on the Refashion Recycle platform, so to launch new Material Sorting & Preprocessing and Recycling Experiments campaigns.

Specifications can either target closed-loop applications (e.g. recycled fibres for yarn spinning; cellulosic pulp for melt-spinning) or open-loop applications (e.g. recycled fibres for nonwovens; rPET pellets for plastics).

  • The aim is to improve material sorting and preprocessing to accelerate post-consumer non-reusable textiles and footwear recycling capacities towards high-performance recycled materials, and to build higher volumes of preprocessed feedstock.
  • With these experiments, recyclers will be able to trial different feedstock sources prepared according to their specifications.

Please submit your material specifications via email. The Excel template to be filled in is avaible HERE for textile specifications or HERE for footwear specifications.*

To participate in the next 2024 campaign, please submit your material specifications by July 2nd 2024. 

We remain available for any questions or more information to build together your specifications:

*Please be as complete and accurate as possible when completing this document. You can also add your own version or any additional documents that may be useful in understanding your needs.

**Please fill in one tab per specification in the Excel template if you have several specifications to propose.

To find out more, watch our webinar: