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For your subscription to be validated you need to be a professional that uses or produces materials made from recycled clothing/footwear and/or that provides an industrial solution contributing to the recycling of clothing and footwear in Europe.

  • A person who leaves a company and who has a subscription can unsubscribe themselves using the “My Account” tab.
  • You can ask the administrator to delete the account of a person who is no longer part of the company.


  • Just refer to the textiles  and footwear recycling solutions map and identify the recycling processes by type of material. According to your requirements, list the name of solutions that you are looking for and select the corresponding solution filters in the Recycle by Refashion platform.

Quantities stated are mainly for information purposes. For more details, please contact the organisations who, for the most part, work to order.


  • Send a mail to recycle@refashion.fr or directly using the contact form. A member of the Refashion team will contact you.

Yes. All data is made secure on the Refashion extranet, which is itself linked to the Recycle platform hosted by Inex via a protected API.


Yes.  To help ensure that searches are successful and contact made, Refashion will regularly monitor how stakeholders search and use the platform.

Furthermore, changes will most likely be made to the tool on an annual basis in accordance with user behaviour.

Yes, by contacting us via  recycle@refashion.fr