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For your subscription to be validated you need to be a professional that uses or produces materials made from recycled clothing/footwear and/or that provides an industrial solution contributing to the recycling of clothing and footwear in Europe.

No, but access is subject to the validation by Refashion depending on the applicant’s motivations.

  • Yes, by accepting the General Terms & Conditions, you agree to only use the platform for the purposes stated in your subscription. Therefore, you shall not reproduce and/or represent, download, sell, distribute, issue, translate, adapt, communicate wholly or partially, under any form whatsoever, commercially or for any other purpose, the brands, original work or information contained on the platform.

No, if your company is already registered on the Recycle platform and a new person registers, just enter the company’s registration number (SIRET) if in France, or the European intracommunity VAT number for companies outside France) and all the fields already entered will be pre-completed.

  • A person who leaves a company and who has a subscription can unsubscribe themselves using the “My Account” tab.
  • You can ask the administrator to delete the account of a person who is no longer part of the company.

Once per semester minimum. By accepting the GTC you accept that your information is always up to date.

You must delete your account and re-subscribe with your new e-mail address.

Click on your profile and subscription tab and click on “Unsubscribe”.

Your first action is to register, you will choose your country and enter your VAT* number, your website “https://…”, choose your main activity and the listed competences that you want to offer to the other users. Please fill in your expertise/motivation and finish your registration with your contact information.

*If your organization doesn’t have a VAT number please contact us directly through here.


Once your registration is done, you will receive an automated confirmation in the next few minutes.

Your application request will be validated by Refashion and then you will receive an email with a link to create your secured access (if you do not find in your mail box please check your SPAM box). Once you have created your secured access, you will access to the Refashion Recycle platform in order to complete your registration information.

By clicking on “Company profile”, you can check your company information and upload your organisation logo. Please fill in the description field with text describing the company’s activities/offer linked with textile and footwear recycling.

The second step will be to choose the destination markets of your solutions / products.

Click on “save” after each input/modification.

Add your ” Products / Materials” offered on the platform next.

Start by keying the name of the product and then its different characteristics. Please fill all mandatory fields marked with an asterisk *.

We recommend you to upload a visual for each product and to fill open fields such as “Technical characteristics” with the format or treatment details. You have also a comments field at the end in order to precise for exemple “on demand production” or your minimum order quantity.

For organizations who are offering recycling solutions but no “Products / Materials”, please integrate one or more example of “Products / Materials” that you have codeveloped in order to be visible on the platform. Please name the product “Example of …” and describe precisely the solution generating this product in the text about your company.

Refashion Recycle is dedicated to the identification of “Products / Materials”, this is why only companies offering “Products / Materials” are visible on the platform.

Please be the more accurate and exhaustive possible in order to appear in the users’ researches.

Each new record or modification of your information are visible immediately on your account, but only 24h after for the other users.


  • Just refer to the textiles  and footwear recycling solutions map and identify the recycling processes by type of material. According to your requirements, list the name of solutions that you are looking for and select the corresponding solution filters in the Recycle by Refashion platform.

An “output” product or “outlet”, is the category of product offered by companies on the platform from their production/transformation processes.

No, the platform does not show any pricing information and, beyond connecting people, trading occurs outside the platform.

Select what you’re looking for and then search by type of material, composition and other characteristics. You can also search by the type of finished or semi-finished product that you are looking for.

Use the map to better specify you request using the filters.

Quantities stated are mainly for information purposes. For more details, please contact the organisations who, for the most part, work to order.

All the solutions offered on the platform are open to other stakeholders on the platform. However, company’s offering the solution may have eligibility criteria that restrict access to the solution. For example: Garnetting solution: according to the characterisation of the feedstock and the minimum/maximum volume to enable the solution.


Only the companies offering materials/products to be recycled or resulting from the recycling of textile and footwear as well as recycling solutions appear on the platform.

No, the site is not responsive, i.e., it cannot be consulted using a mobile telephone and its format cannot be reduced or made bigger.

No. Any exchanges take place via the persons listed by the companies.

  • Send a mail to recycle@refashion.fr or directly using the contact form. A member of the Refashion team will contact you.

Yes. All data is made secure on the Refashion extranet, which is itself linked to the Recycle platform hosted by Inex via a protected API.

You can see the list of persons in relation to your search. To prevent our members from receiving any unwanted requests, we do not provide a directory of our members.


No. Refashion is the Textile Industry’s take-back scheme operator. It is a private, State-approved non-profit-making company to assist the Textile Industry in their circular economy approach. For more information: Home page – RecycleRefashion

Yes.  To help ensure that searches are successful and contact made, Refashion will regularly monitor how stakeholders search and use the platform.

Furthermore, changes will most likely be made to the tool on an annual basis in accordance with user behaviour.

Yes, by contacting us via  recycle@refashion.fr