How to integrate my offer on the platform?

Your first action is to register, you will choose your country and enter your VAT* number, your website “https://…”, choose your main activity and the listed competences that you want to offer to the other users. Please fill in your expertise/motivation and finish your registration with your contact information.

*If your organization doesn’t have a VAT number please contact us directly through here.


Once your registration is done, you will receive an automated confirmation in the next few minutes.

Your application request will be validated by Refashion and then you will receive an email with a link to create your secured access (if you do not find in your mail box please check your SPAM box). Once you have created your secured access, you will access to the Refashion Recycle platform in order to complete your registration information.

By clicking on “Company profile”, you can check your company information and upload your organisation logo. Please fill in the description field with text describing the company’s activities/offer linked with textile and footwear recycling.

The second step will be to choose the destination markets of your solutions / products.

Click on “save” after each input/modification.

Add your ” Products / Materials” offered on the platform next.

Start by keying the name of the product and then its different characteristics. Please fill all mandatory fields marked with an asterisk *.

We recommend you to upload a visual for each product and to fill open fields such as “Technical characteristics” with the format or treatment details. You have also a comments field at the end in order to precise for exemple “on demand production” or your minimum order quantity.

For organizations who are offering recycling solutions but no “Products / Materials”, please integrate one or more example of “Products / Materials” that you have codeveloped in order to be visible on the platform. Please name the product “Example of …” and describe precisely the solution generating this product in the text about your company.

Refashion Recycle is dedicated to the identification of “Products / Materials”, this is why only companies offering “Products / Materials” are visible on the platform.

Please be the more accurate and exhaustive possible in order to appear in the users’ researches.

Each new record or modification of your information are visible immediately on your account, but only 24h after for the other users.