The Swiss Textile Recycling Ecosystem, a consortium to scale up the polycotton recycling process of Worn Again – Innovation in Textiles

The Swiss Textile Recycling Ecosystem is a new initiative aiming to upscale the polymer recycling process technology of Worn Again Technologies (WAT), based in Nottingham, UK.

The new network comprises fabric and textile manufacturers, waste collectors and sorters, as well as retailers, brand owners and technology providers.

The partners will provide different types of textile waste to WAT’s demonstration plant, which is being built in Winterthur, Switzerland, close to technology scale-up partner Sulzer Chemtech, and will process 1,000 tons of material per year.

After advanced chemical processing, virgin-like recycled fibres, such as PET polyester and cellulose, will be provided to the same industry players to produce new high-quality fabrics.

The consortium will be composed of WAT’s main shareholders, Sulzer, Oerlikon and H&M Group. In addition, Rieter will support short-staple spinning, Monosuisse will take care of PET fibre production, Coop will act as retailer and Texaid will manage collection, sorting and provide feedstock together with Sallmann (ISA) and Serge Ferrari – all coordinated by Swiss Textiles.


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