The BASF recycled polyamide used in an INDITEX jacket – Just Style

Chemical and agricultural solutions developer BASF and Spanish fashion company Inditex have announced a “breakthrough” in textile-to-textile recycling with the introduction of loopamid, a nylon material made entirely from textile waste.

Inditex‘s Zara brand has used BASF‘s loopamid, a polyamide 6 (PA6), also known as nylon 6 to produce a jacket that is now available worldwide.

Loopamid is reported to have the capability to recycle post-industrial and post-consumer textile waste, including fabric mixtures like PA6 and elastane.

The discarded textiles for feedstock were classified, sorted and provided by ModaRe, a take-back programme operated by the charity organisation Carita.

The technology behind loopamid allows for textile-to-textile recycling, ensuring that fibres and materials can be recycled over multiple cycles while maintaining characteristics identical to those of conventional virgin polyamide.