Texaid, Marchi & Fildi and Tessitura Casoni develop a recycled textile made from 50% post-consumer cotton – Ecotextile News

SCHATTDORF – Swiss textile recycling business Texaid which sorts, resells and recycles post-consumer textiles has teamed up with Italian spinner Marchi & Fildi and Biella-based weaver Tessitura Casoni to develop a 100 per cent recycled textile made from 50 per cent post-consumer cotton and 50 per cent recycled polyester supplied by Unifi.

Two years in the making, Texaid says the partnership moves it into product development and says the new fabric made of 50 per cent post-consumer recycled materials is a big achievement. Ordinarily, fabric blends with above 30 per cent post-consumer recycled cotton have been problematic due to the shorter fibre length contributing to fabric weakness.

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