Texaid and Circular.Fashion partner up to implement Intelligent Sorting Stations – Ecotextile News

Circular services specialist TexAid has partnered with German innovator Circular.Fashion to adopt its Intelligent Sorting Stations.

These stations enable the swift processing of garments which integrate Circular.Fashion’s digital product passport (DPP) technology and are in turn said to make sorting more reliable and consistent.

Thomas Boschen, the managing director of TexAid Germany and its subsidiary, Resales, commented: “By integrating a digital ID, we can enable information sharing and increase the circularity of products, whether they’re for reuse of recycling.”

Circular.Fashion’s passports use QR codes which, when scanned, link to online product-specific data. Information includes the materials used to assemble the garment and its lifecycle to date which sorters and recyclers can leverage to determine its fate.


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