[STUDY] Study on the technical, regulatory, economic and environmental effectiveness of textile fibres recycling – European Commission

Tom Duhoux, Edwin Maes, Martin Hirschnitz-Garbers, Karolien Peeters, Lise Asscherickx, Maarten Christis, Birgit Stubbe, Philippe Colignon, Mandy Hinzmann, Anurodh Sachdeva November – 2021

The findings of this study can be used as evidence base to improve the knowledge of the effectiveness of recycling capabilities of textile waste. This study wants to substantiate the understanding of the existing technologies industrially applied or at research stage, which relate to all the different types of recycling (e.g. mechanical recycling, chemical monomer recycling, chemical polymer recycling, etc.). It also provides an analysis of the economic and environmental effectiveness of those recycling technologies and a roadmap of the textile recycling technologies under development in order to support their industrial uptake. Finally, it also provides an analysis on relevant policy initiatives in order to tackle potential regulatory barriers and scale up textile waste recycling activities in the EU.

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