Resortec solutions for facilitating textile recycling – Innovation Origins

In the fashion industry, processes start very slowly, but once they start moving, they get going quickly, says Davidson Leite, spokesperson for Belgian startup Resortecs. The start-up presented an end-to-end solution for recycling in the fashion industry in 2018. This was despite the fact that co-founder Cédric Vanhoeck was actually aiming for his own fashion label. But while studying at the Fashion Academy of Antwerp, Belgium, he was confronted with the pressing problems of the fashion industry and refused to accept them. By then, he had a master’s degree from the Delft University of Technology and decided to drop out and establish a circular economy that would eliminate overproduction and overconsumption and reduce CO2 emissions.

In this episode of the Start-up of the Day series, Davidson talks about the solution Cédric developed – and the challenges it faced.


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