[Report] New Systemiq synhtesis on the circularity of PET – Systemiq

PET/polyester is used everywhere – from bottles and food packaging to clothes and healthcare products. It accounts for around a quarter of plastic packaging and three quarters of synthetic textiles consumed in Europe.
What might a PET/polyester system look like, if it could combine all circular economy approaches, including reuse, and mechanical and chemical recycling?

A new synthesis study by Systemiq is the first in a series exploring circularity pathways for PET/polyester. Titled Circularity of PET/polyester packaging and textiles in Europe, it draws on insights from 80+ published reports and research and advice from industry experts to assess the current state of PET/polyester circularity in Europe and considers the potential role of chemical recycling – currently utilised in very low volumes – in complementing mechanical recycling, reuse and other circular economy approaches.


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