RegioGreenTex project launch – Innovation in Textiles

On February 21st, 43 partners of the RegioGreenTex project met in Brussels to kick start a three-year project that aims to change the way textile recycling is managed.

The project intends to map and reduce the difficulties which currently exist in the implementation of a circular economy model within the textile ecosystem across the EU.

Significantly, RegioGreenTex will support tangible solutions at SME level, where textile waste has value. The project will contribute to maintain and develop jobs in the EU textile sector, reshoring the production in Europe and making the EU textile value chain more competitive and resilient. It will also contribute to the EU Green Deal objectives of reducing carbon footprint, energy and water consumption.

Led by Euratex, the project brings together partners from 11 European regions, with 24 SMEs pioneering solutions to recycle textile waste. Together the SMEs cover various value chain segments for circular textiles – sorting, recycling from material to fibre, the removal of contaminants and the processing of recycled fibres into new textile materials. The project will also promote the development of five ReHubs in some of the most important textile regions in the EU.


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