Recycler PET Baltija acquires producer Tesil Fibres – Ecotextile News

PET Baltija, a leading European PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) recycler, has acquired Czech textile producer Tesil Fibres in a bid to vertically integrate the two’s operations and increase the availability of recycled materials.


Salvis Lapiņš, chairman of the board at PET Baltija, commented: “By ensuring the supply of best-in-class recycled PET materials, we will look to significantly contribute to the growth of the Tesil Fibres business and add greater product differentiation to it. It is also important to mention that through these developments, the overall volume of recycled PET will also increase.”

For Tesil Fibres, the acquisition is expected to streamline the manner in which it sources recycled PET and helps it scale the capacity of recycled fibre it places on the market.


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