Lenzing starts working with Textil Santanderina and two others mill partners on Tencel recycling- Ecotextile News

Austrian fibre producer Lenzing is working with three mill partners on a new initiative to mechanically recycle its Tencel-branded lyocell fibres at scale for the denim industry.

Lenzing is working with Artistic Milliners from Pakistan, Canatiba from Brazil and Spanish firm Textil Santanderina on the project which it claims could “redefine the circular future of a sustainable denim industry globally”.

“As we constantly seek ways to improve circularity across various components of the textile industry, our like-minded, decades-long value chain partners have innovatively discovered the mechanical recycling of Tencel lyocell fibres in denim production,” said Tuncay Kılıçkan, head of global business development, denim, at Lenzing.


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