HeiQ has adopted Renewcell’s Circulose fiber for its AeoniQ yarn – Ecotextile News

Swiss textile innovator HeiQ has collaborated with recycling firm Renewcell to utilise its Circulose brand of recycled pulp in the manufacture of the former’s AeoniQ cellulose filament yarn.

AeoniQ, first reported on in February after securing US$5 million in investment from Hugo Boss, is currently being filed as a new classification of cellulose fibre derived from multiple sources of textile waste including recycled textiles, algae and bacterial cellulose.

Trials integrating Circulose as feedstock to produce AeoniQ are said to have been “promising”, with HeiQ CEO and co-founder, Carlo Centonze commenting: “We eagerly anticipate uniting our ingredient branding expertise to jointly convince brands of the huge advantages of replacing all synthetic, fossil-fuel based textiles.”

Renewcell’s patented technology dissolves garments with high cellulosic content into a pulp which can then be used to yield virgin-equivalent raw material to make new clothing.

It’s deemed compatible with HeiQ’s latest technology, which it launched earlier this year with the backing by Hugo Boss.


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