Call for expression of interest

to sorting operators and preprocessors registered on the Refashion Recycling platform

 in response to recyclers’ specifications, as part of the 2024 Material sorting & Preprocessing and Recycling Experiments.  

As part of its new 2023-2028 accreditation, Refashion regularly launches Material Preparation & Recycling Experiments campaigns to accelerate the development and further deploy post-consumer non-reusable textile and/or footwear sorting, preprocessing and recycling solutions in answer to recycler’s specifications.  

These experiments will contribute to prioritize the recycling channels to be industrialized in France and Europe.  

The overall scope of the 2024 Material Preparation & Recycling Experiments covers: 

  • For the sorting operators and preprocessors: sorting for recycling, material preparation, quality control and shipment of the material in response to a recycler’s specification; 
  • For the recycler: at least, quality control of the material received and, if applicable, recycling testing and/or incorporation of recycled material into a finished or semi-finished product. 

Specifications have been selected based on their feasibility and their potential for non-reusable post-consumer textiles and footwear. They are available for consultation via a secure Dropbox only to sorting operators and preprocessors registered on the Refashion Recycle platform. Under no circumstances may these specifications be transferred to third parties.

Refashion will finance the experiments based on budgeted costs in a quotation to be included in an experiment agreement. To be eligible, an amendment to the specifications will have to be completed with the following information: description of the methodology used (sorting for recycling and material preparation operations if applicable) and detailed cost evaluation by item (labour, quality control, packaging, logistics).

In order to define an appropriate methodology and estimate costs as accurately as possible, we recommend that sorting operators and preprocessors carry out preliminary tests before completing the amendments. We also recommend consulting the Refashion Recycle platform to find the nearest preprocessor if you wish to outsource certain material preparation operations.

The deadline for applications was the 13th of Frebuary 2024.

The general schedule for the experiments will include a phase of identification of proposed solutions and preparation of validated experiments (December 2023 – March 2024), followed by a phase of actual experimentation (March – end of June 2024).

If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.